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H&S poster law

You know that if any of your staff (or visitors) have an accident at work, it’ll be your neck on the line. What notices and posters do you need to put up to prevent injuries and how much do they cost? More...


Who’s in charge when you’re away?

With the days lengthening your thoughts have turned to the summer holiday. But the thought of taking a week or two off and leaving the company to “run itself” puts you off the idea. Is there a way to make things work? More...


Health and safety fines doubled

Official figures show that health and safety fines have doubled in the last year, reaching £76 million. What’s behind this increase and how can you avoid trouble for your business? More...


Health and safety costs small business £90,000

A small business has been fined £60,000 and ordered to pay costs totalling nearly £30,000 for breaching health and safety laws. What did it do wrong and how can you avoid making the same mistake? More...


Must staff sign risk assessments?

The company has invested time and money training a member of staff to conduct workplace risk assessments. Trouble is, due to concerns about personal liability, he’s now refusing to sign them. What’s the legal position? More...


Who’s checking on the builders?

You’ve decided to employ a firm to build an extension on your office. But a fellow director warns you that you need to make some checks on the contractor’s safety record before you sign a contract. Is he right? More...


Must your company train its first aiders annually?

Another director has come to you in a panic. They’ve heard that under new rules, all employees who are first aiders must now undergo annual refresher training with an accredited trainer. How can you put their mind at rest? More...


Are you next?

The number of prosecutions under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations more than tripled last year. How can you stay out of the line of fire? More...


Directors and their safety responsibilities

Is it true that there’s no legislation that says you have to undertake proactive health and safety management within the company? And if not, how you can protect your personal position as a director? What does the latest case say? More...


Defining managers’ responsibilities

The recent prosecution of a council in connection with a fatal Legionella outbreak shows what can go wrong when management responsibilities for health and safety aren’t clearly defined. As a director, what lessons can you learn from it? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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