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New travel expense rules for employers

HMRC recently confirmed changes to the rules for travel and subsistence payments made by employers. What are they and when will they apply? More...


New rules for employee travel allowances


Is the cost of travelling to a board meeting tax exempt?

A director lives 200 miles from his company’s head office and stays overnight in a hotel when attending board meetings. If the company pays for this will it count as a taxable perk for the director or is it exempt? More...


HMRC’s new rules on travel expenses

From 6 April 2016 some directors and employees won’t be allowed to claim tax relief on certain business-related travel expenses. How might this new rule affect you and your company’s tax position? More...


Subsidised commuting - what are the tax advantages?

The cost of travel to and from your normal place of work isn’t a tax-deductible expense. However, there are tax breaks for subsidising or paying for your employees’ commuting costs. What are they and how do they work? More...


Cut your admin and save tax on foreign trips

HMRC recently updated its benchmark allowances that apply when directors or employees travel abroad on business. In what circumstances can you pay these and how can they reduce your and your company’s tax and NI bills? More...


Tax-free late night travel for directors

Your accountant has handed you the firm’s P11Ds to look over before they’re sent to HMRC. Yours includes several taxi fares for journeys home late at night after board meetings. Will you have to pay tax on these? More...


Working Rule Payments

One of our subscribers recently received a bill for tax and NI on travel expenses paid to himself and two fellow directors. These payments are normally tax and NI-free, so what was the Taxman’s problem? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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