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Mileage allowances and borrowed cars

Your car was off the road for a long period during which time you borrowed your partner’s. Your bookkeeper says you can claim tax-free mileage for business trips you make in it. Given that it’s not your car, can this be right? More...


Reducing the tax cost of a family car

You want to help one of your children buy a car. A friend suggests you do it through your company to reduce the cost. You’re not sure it will work because company cars trigger tax and NI charges. Are you right? More...


Should your next company car be a van?

While the tax advantage of having a certain type of company van as a perk has reduced slightly, they remain tax efficient. But how do the tax charges compare to those for company cars? More...


Reducing tax and NI on your company car

As a cost cutting measure you and your fellow directors have put a price ceiling on company cars. The trouble is the one you’re after is a few grand over this. You’ve agreed to fund the difference, but what’s the most tax efficient way? More...


The tax advantages of a pure perk company car

The time has come to replace your second car. While the current one was paid for with personal money you know that tax incentives for green company cars have steadily improved. So is it now worth getting your company to pay? More...


Turning back the clock on company car tax

The 2011/12 tax year has ended and the P11D forms must soon be submitted. But if in doing so you realise the company car that seemed like a good idea four years ago is now costing you a fortune in tax, what can you do about it? More...


Company runabout for the family

Your daughter has been hinting that as she turns 17 soon she’ll be old enough to drive, if only she had a car. You know you’ll have to give in and buy her one eventually, but would it be cheaper if your company paid for it? More...


These ECO cars are not what you might think!

A friend invited you round to view his new ECO car. A shoebox on wheels you thought, but you changed your mind when he pointed to the luxurious limo on the drive and told you it was part of a tax-saving scheme. What’s full the story? More...


LLPs and cars

You’re always on the look-out for ways to reduce the tax bill on company cars. A colleague has suggested that having a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) at your disposal could save you tax. What’s the full story here? More...


Tax-free company cars

As a director, you have to pay tax on your company car whilst your company has to pay National Insurance on this benefit. However, there is a way to avoid tax and NI on cars altogether. How is this possible? More...
Last updated: 17.05.2019

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