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Can the wrong address cost you extra tax?

If HMRC has the wrong address for you or your business on its records you could be paying the wrong amount of tax or land yourself with a penalty. Correcting the error isn’t as simple as you might think. Why, and what can you do about it? More...


More tax enquiries coming soon

The Taxman is flexing his muscles in readiness for a barrage of enquiries into business records. Are there steps you can take to protect your company? More...


New advice for online filing

Just months away from enforced electronic filing of company accounts, the Taxman has issued a new guide to your options. What’s the news? More...


Hand over your mobile phone or else!

A judge ruled that the Taxman had the right to seize a company’s computers without notice. He went further and said that this right extended to any electronic equipment; could that include a director’s mobile phone? More...


How not to waste time on the Taxman


HMRC and Companies House combine

In another step towards joined-up government, the Taxman has teamed up with Companies House to introduce joint filing procedures for company accounts. When and how will this affect you and your company? More...


Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

Both Companies House and HMRC have this year made major changes to their rules on filing deadlines. But will postal strikes or failing electronic filing services be an excuse for not getting your papers in on time? More...


An appealing prospect

The Taxman has just launched an investigation into your affairs. You don’t have the stomach for a fight and are tempted to give in immediately (exactly what he wants!). Why not stand your ground and refer it to the Commissioners? More...


Let’s all meet the Taxman

The Taxman has been looking into your tax affairs in some detail. He’s now suggested a meeting. Do you have to attend and if not, how can you help bring things to a swift conclusion? More...


Relocating your company

Last updated: 21.05.2019

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