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Directors’ bonuses - when can you take them?

Good profits don’t always translate to cash in the bank. So if you want to reward yourself and the other directors for a successful year, how can you do so if there’s not enough money and whilst maximising tax efficiency? More...


Balancing income with your business partners

When you started the business you and your colleagues agreed to share the profits equally, but now one needs more income. You’ve agreed to it provided the others are compensated later. What’s the best way to do this? More...

profit extraction

Dividends - take them or leave them?

Your accounts for last year show a profit and you’re meeting with your fellow directors to decide whether it should be paid out as dividends. As tax will play a major part in your decision what are the most efficient options? More...


Tax-efficient bonuses when cash is tight

The signs are that last year was a good one and a bonus seems an appropriate reward. The trouble is there’s not much in the company’s bank account. If there’s an alternative to cash what might the tax advantages be? More...


Do you have enough profit to pay dividends?

Dividends are the most tax and NI-efficient way to take income from your company. The trouble is they can only be paid when your company has sufficient profits. But how do you work this out? More...


Overpaid dividends - what will the Taxman say?

You want to pay yourself in the most tax-efficient way and this usually involves taking dividends, but these can only be paid if your company makes a profit. So what’s the position if you get your sums wrong and you take too much? More...


Is there a better alternative to dividend waivers?

This year’s accounts show a healthy profit and you want your share of it now, but one of your fellow directors insists he wants to defer indefinitely to keep his tax bill down. Is there something you can do to keep you both happy? More...


Overcoming problems with dividends

A new financial year is approaching and your accountant has recommended a more aggressive approach to tax planning by paying regular dividends instead of salary. But your co-director/shareholder says this will cause problems. Is he right? More...


Dividends - the cost of not reading the small print

Now that the Budget has confirmed the hike in NI it makes even more sense to pay greater dividends and less salary. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. Make an error and you’ll be easy prey for the Taxman. More...


Keeping more of your money

As a director and shareholder, you know that paying yourself a dividend is more tax-efficient than a bonus. But if there are other shareholders, they must receive a dividend at the same time. How can you keep more for yourself? More...
Last updated: 21.05.2019

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