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Staff tips and a VAT trap

Customer tips aren’t usually subject to VAT. However, it’s easy for employers to fall into a trap which can trigger VAT and cost you money. What is the trap and how can you avoid it? More...


Get a little extra VAT back on out-of-pocket expenses

Not every business expense comes with a VAT invoice or receipt. Without one you can’t be sure that VAT has been charged, which usually means there’s nothing you can reclaim. But there are exceptions. What are they? More...


VAT savings for company owned buy-to-lets

If you personally own and let residential accommodation, you can’t usually reclaim VAT paid on related expenses. Transferring it to your company could allow it to do so. What steps are required to make it happen? More...


Entertaining costs - getting the VAT back

HMRC doesn’t allow VAT to be reclaimed on the cost of entertaining customers, suppliers etc. However, the rule isn’t as black and white as it seems at first sight. In what situations are you allowed to reclaim VAT? More...


Company drivers, parking fines and reclaiming VAT

Occasionally, your delivery drivers are bound to get caught for parking fines. Assuming you can’t get them overturned on appeal, can you reclaim any VAT that’s been charged? More...


Are you reclaiming all the VAT you can on company cars?

A car salesperson is pushing the benefits of leasing a company car - especially the VAT angle. He says this is unlike an outright purchase because you can reclaim VAT on lease payments. Is he right? More...


Reclaiming VAT on staff expenses

Where a director or member of staff puts in an expenses claim, it might include purchases on which VAT was paid. When can this be reclaimed and what paperwork is required? More...


Maximising VAT claims on equipment

When your business buys equipment that’s used both for work and personal purposes, you can’t usually reclaim all the VAT. But for some types of purchase HMRC allows it. When does this apply? More...


Not to scale

On May 1 the VATman yet again increased his scale rate for fuel used for private journeys. How should you deal with this in practice and are there any alternatives? More...


Rewarding staff, not the VATman

You want to reward staff with a gift of some description, or perhaps a trip out. What will the VATman allow you to recover, if anything? And what if you choose to pay for a meal at a restaurant instead? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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