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An entrepreneurs’ relief trap for departing directors

In 2018 the already tricky rules for entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) were made tougher for director shareholders. If you’re planning to sell your shares what should do should you be watching out for? More...


Closing a company - can you take tax-free profits?

You and your fellow shareholders want to shut down your company as it’s no longer trading. It has cash and other assets worth around £50,000. A colleague says £25,000 of this can be paid out tax free. Is this correct? More...


Chancellor gets tough on entrepreneurs’ relief

Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) was hit with two blows from the Chancellor in the Budget. If you’re considering selling your business or shares in an ER qualifying company, how might the proposed changes affect you? More...


Company shares - get your money back tax free

When you started your company you used your own cash to fund it. Several years later the company has built up its own funds. Can you now take back some of your original stake without paying tax on it? More...


HMRC’s attack on company owners

New tax rules will block some of the tax advantages usually given to owner managers when they sell or wind up their company. How might these affect you? More...


Don’t miss out on ER when you sell your business

If you sell your company capital gains tax usually plays a significant part in how much you’ll ultimately receive. Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER) can considerably reduce the tax payable, but it can easily be lost. What do you need to watch out for? More...


Avoiding the CGT cash trap

Entrepreneurs’ relief can lower the tax rate on gains made from selling your company to just 10%. But if your company has significant cash investments this generous tax break can be jeopardised. What steps can you take to prevent this? More...


Can directors claim EIS?

A friend is starting a new company and wants you as a fellow director. He says that you’ll get a tax break on the money you invest through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), but the Taxman says that directors can’t claim this. Who is right? More...


Taxing the company buy-out

The judgment in a recent case concerning a company buy-out left a senior director and his company out of pocket to the Taxman to the tune of a small fortune. What’s the full story? More...


Rising market?

Like many directors you have a diverse investment portfolio. Although the first £8,800 of gains is exempt from tax, when does investing become “dealing” with any profits generated taxed as a trade? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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