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A permanent right to use your car park?

The customers of a neighbouring business sometimes park their vehicles in your private car park. If you don’t put a stop to this unauthorised use, could the other business gain a permanent right to use your car park? More...


Surveyors: what’s the scope of their valuation?

You’re applying for finance to develop land and commercial property. The bank now requires a valuation by a surveyor and is expecting you to pay for that report. Can you hold the surveyor liable if their valuation is wrong? More...


Why are your (empty) premises a squatter’s dream?

Last year, squatting in residential premises became a criminal offence. To get around this, squatters are now targeting commercial properties. So what should the directors do if the company has some standing empty? More...


Property sale: your buyer, their commission?

You’ve been marketing your private property with a local firm of estate agents. A business acquaintance has now approached you directly with a full cash offer. If you accepted it, would you still be liable for the agent’s commission? More...


Let’s meet up: your place or mine?

You need to meet a potential new client, but are worried that your current base won’t create the right impression. Could a serviced meeting room solve this problem? If so, what’s on offer and how much might it cost? More...


Ending the business lease properly

The company has some new, cheaper premises lined up. So it wants to get out of its current lease by exercising the break clause in its favour. How can the directors avoid any nasty traps during this legal process? More...


Property insurance: “the rule of average”

To reduce costs, the directors are thinking about lowering the current “sum insured” under the company’s buildings insurance policy. But due to the “condition of average”, this could turn out to be a false economy. Why? More...


Always put property details in writing

As a successful director, you have some spare cash to plough into the joint purchase of a property with your other half. But as you’re not married (and have no plans to be any time soon), will your money be safe if things don’t work out? More...


Chancel repair liability - what’s that?

Could an antiquated law land your company with a bill for tens of thousands of pounds? Until recently the odds of getting caught for “chancel repairs” were very low, but might a change in the law put your business at greater risk? More...


Tax relief for fixtures in new premises

You’re in the process of acquiring new premises for your company. You’ve been advised to buy them personally and let them to the company. Can you offset the purchase cost against the rent you receive? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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