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The debt chase and collect conundrum

Prompt invoicing and chasing payments can keep your cash flow steady. But what should you do if debts are building up? Who do you chase and how do you go about it? More...


The unhappy lot of an unsecured creditor

It’s the employees and owners who are hardest hit when a business goes under, but in the current economic climate it can be a real blow to creditors and customers too. If you’re owed money by an insolvent business, what are your options? More...


Getting paid under the new insolvency rules

Changes to the insolvency rules were made in April 2017. If a business or individual customer goes under owing you money, what steps are now needed to make a claim for payment? More...


They’ve gone bust: what happens now?

You’ve heard a whisper that a company you have dealings with has got into financial trouble and is now in liquidation. How can you check its trading status, and what happens if you owe it? More...


Staking your claim with the liquidator

Bad debts are on the increase. If an individual trader or partnership which owes your company becomes insolvent, what steps can you take to increase your chances of getting a share of the money? More...


Beyond the credit rating

Even with a good credit rating you can never be sure that a good customer won’t turn into a bad payer, or even go bust owing you money. Running a credit check will cost you and might not tell the whole story. What’s the alternative? More...


Is a statutory demand the answer?

If your company is owed money, you’ll probably want to avoid the cost of going to court. One way to prompt quick payment is with a statutory demand. So when can it help you and will this approach work every time? More...


Another way to get your money?

In the prevailing economic conditions, you’ve noticed that customers are taking longer and longer to settle your invoices. Is there an alternative to having to sue them and if so, what are the pitfalls? More...


Going back in time to get your money

With customers and clients feeling the pinch, you’re wondering how long you can leave things before the company loses the right to recover old debts? Is there a time limit and what are the dos and don’ts? More...


How to get your money back!

Your company is about to sue a customer who hasn’t paid your invoice. Getting the judgment will be relatively straightforward but what pre-emptive steps can you take to find out if they’re worth suing? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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