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Is parking at work a taxable perk?

You pay for parking spaces for your company’s directors as there’s nowhere on site. During a PAYE check HMRC claims that because the spaces are also used for non-work purposes there’s a taxable perk. Is this correct? More...


A potentially healthy perk that’s also tax and NI free

You’re looking for ideas to encourage interaction between your staff so they work better as a team. One of your colleagues says that HMRC allows employers to provide recreational activities as a tax-free perk. How does it work? More...


How to escape increased taxes on company loans

HMRC’s official rate of interest is at an all time low. That’s good news if you’ve borrowed money from your company, but eventually the rate is bound to rise. Is there a way to dodge a corresponding increase in your tax bill? More...


What are the new tax-free perks worth to you

A new tax exemption for perks took effect on 6 April 2016. It applies to all employees, but there are special rules for directors. What are they, and how can you work with them to take maximum advantage? More...


When to include a perk in your payroll calculation

In April 2016 a new method for taxing job-related perks through the payroll takes effect. The trouble, especially for directors, is that the value of perks can change over the course of a tax year. How will the new system work in this situation? More...


Must all benefits in kind be declared?

During 2013/14 one of your suppliers treated you to a day at the races. Now that you’re in the process of completing your company’s P11D for that year are you required to report the outing to HMRC? More...


How to maximise the childcare tax break

The tax break for company-paid childcare was scaled back a while ago, but it’s still possible to get a tax and NI exemption on up to £55 per week. How can you achieve this and possibly do better? More...


Keeping the Taxman off your Christmas list

It’s been a tough year for your employees and more so for the directors. But things have eased a bit and you want to say thanks with a little something for Christmas. But will this come with a tax bill? More...


Give yourself a tax-free reward


Half price sale on computers

You’re thinking about buying a computer for your family this Christmas. Will you save money if the company buys it instead? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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