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Last chance to change your tax code

The end of the tax year is in sight and with it the opportunity to obtain additional tax relief for 2018/19 through your PAYE code. Why should you make a special effort to review your tax code now and what steps can you take to change it? More...


Beware HMRC’s double accounting

HMRC’s dynamic tax codes were supposed to improve the accuracy of PAYE. But they’ve been plagued by problems, the latest of which could see you paying the same tax twice. What’s the full story? More...


New year tax code warning


Can you spread the cost of last year’s tax bill?

Your 2012/13 tax return showed that you owed tax. You expected HMRC to follow its usual procedure and collect it by adjusting your tax code for 2014/15, but instead it’s sent you a bill. Are you within your rights to refuse to pay? More...


HMRC tax codes still showing errors

Throughout February and March most directors will receive new tax codes. The trouble is that many of those we’ve seen contain incorrect figures. What are the key areas you should be looking at when checking your code? More...


Do you need to complete a P11D?

The deadline for declaring directors’ benefits and expenses on Form P11D is approaching and there are stiff penalties for being late. But are you wasting time and putting yourself at risk by reporting transactions you don’t need to? More...


Time to check your code again?

The Taxman has started to issue PAYE codes ready for the 2012/13 tax year. As these are now worked out by computer should you bother checking them? More...


Do you need to correct your tax code?

The deadline for submitting your 2010/11 annual benefits and expenses return forms was July 6, which means the Taxman will soon be amending thousands of tax codes. Most of these will be wrong but should you bother putting him right? More...


Taxman starts benefit review


Coding confusion continues

Last updated: 07.07.2020

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