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New IR35 guidance

HMRC’s new guidance explains when IR35 applies to a director who provides their services through a company. What’s the full story? More...


New IR35 guidance


IR35 - company officers caught under new rule

A colleague has told you that a new, wider-reaching IR35 rule might mean PAYE tax and NI is payable on income received by your company. When does this new rule apply? More...


Time to check your code again?

The Taxman has started to issue PAYE codes ready for the 2012/13 tax year. As these are now worked out by computer should you bother checking them? More...


Overcoming problems with dividends

A new financial year is approaching and your accountant has recommended a more aggressive approach to tax planning by paying regular dividends instead of salary. But your co-director/shareholder says this will cause problems. Is he right? More...


Are you liable for your employee’s tax bill?

If a mistake leads to insufficient tax being taken from an employee’s wages, the Taxman can choose to collect the shortfall from them. But, as a recent tax tribunal case showed, he can come after your company instead. What’s the story? More...


Big PAYE changes are on the way

Recent headlines suggest that the Taxman is to take over the role of collecting PAYE from your employees. Is this true and what would it mean for your company? More...


Taxman’s alert for employers


80% of tax codes are wrong - fact or myth?

If you’re a company director, you will probably have received a notice of coding from the Taxman recently. And if the press reports are to be believed, there’s only a one-in-five chance that it will be correct. Should you be worried? More...


Be prepared for battle on IR35

You’ve completed your P35. But now you’ve heard that how you answered the question about your company’s status might come back to bite you. How should you respond to a challenge from the Taxman? More...
Last updated: 12.08.2020

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