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What are the best company cars for tax deductions?

Usually, it takes decades for businesses to obtain tax relief for the full cost of a car. However, some automatically qualify for relief sooner, while for others you can take steps to legitimately speed it up. How’s it done? More...


Reducing the tax cost of a family car

You want to help one of your children buy a car. A friend suggests you do it through your company to reduce the cost. You’re not sure it will work because company cars trigger tax and NI charges. Are you right? More...


Tax deductions - what’s the best company car?

Tax relief for the cost of company cars can be allowed all in one year or take over 20 years. This makes a big difference to your cash flow. What types of car should you choose for the best results? More...


Time running out for a tax break on green cars

Lower CO2 emissions mean lower tax bills for company car drivers. Employers get a tax break too, but this is due to stop soon. If you want to take advantage of it when should you buy? More...


The tax advantages of a pure perk company car

The time has come to replace your second car. While the current one was paid for with personal money you know that tax incentives for green company cars have steadily improved. So is it now worth getting your company to pay? More...


Another CO2 penalty


Will higher CT give you more relief?

A colleague says that because the company’s financial year ends on March 31 you should defer the purchase of the directors’ new cars until after the Corporation Tax rates change in April 2010. He reckons you’ll get more tax relief. Is he right? More...


New CO2 emissions rates


Changing cars? Tell the Taxman


Tax-free company cars

As a director, you have to pay tax on your company car whilst your company has to pay National Insurance on this benefit. However, there is a way to avoid tax and NI on cars altogether. How is this possible? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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