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Where to find the money?

Many businesses have put their development plans on hold. The perception is that credit is scarce and that most small business loan applications are routinely rejected. If you need funding, where can you turn in the current climate? More...


My Business Support tool


Government subsidies for business advice

The government has launched yet another of its initiatives to help companies. This time it’s a subsidy for those who want to grow their business. What’s on offer and how do you go about claiming it? More...


Should the directors just Yammer it out?

Sometimes, it’s simply not possible for all the directors to be in the same place at once. But rather than delaying important discussions, you could try to “Yammer” the issue out instead. How does this work? More...


Social lending: those willing to invest are online

As an alternative to mainstream financial institutions, small and medium-sized companies are being offered the opportunity to secure investment via “crowd funding”. So if you need a cash injection, is it an option worth considering? More...


Look alike webpages


Why have company website terms and conditions?

83% of smaller companies have a website - it’s a vital business tool. But visitors should always be given clear terms and conditions (T&Cs) on usage. Why is this step important and what must the directors make sure they include? More...


Will Business Link be broken?

The word is that the Business Link service is to be scrapped as part of the cutbacks. This sounds like bad news if you’re using, or intend to use, this service. Does it mean you’ll be left to fend for yourself or even be out of pocket? More...


The Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Earlier this year, in an attempt to help small businesses secure funding, the government-backed Enterprise Finance Guarantee was introduced. But is it working, and can its remaining £1 billion help your company? More...


Where to find the money?

As the director of a successful, growing company, you’re looking for funding for expansion. The company’s too small to attract the interest of a venture capitalist, so where else can you go? More...
Last updated: 08.07.2020

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