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Which accidents to report?

You have to report certain accidents to the Health & Safety Executive, but what about all the others - the trivial ones that need a plaster or result in no injuries? How can recording these save you money? More...


Risk assessments - actions speak louder than words

In a recent case involving a breach of health and safety rules, a company was hit with a hefty fine for not remedying a risk it had identified. What steps can you take to avoid getting caught in the same trap? More...


Corporate manslaughter: first company conviction

In the first case of its kind, a small company has been convicted of corporate manslaughter. Following its decision, the court imposed an eye-watering £385,000 fine. So what do the directors need to know about this ruling? More...


Injured at client’s home - who pays?

Workplace accidents can and do happen. But what if an employee slips over and is hurt whilst visiting a client’s premises? Will it be you as the company director, your member of staff, or the client who is responsible for their injury? More...


Must your company train its first aiders annually?

Another director has come to you in a panic. They’ve heard that under new rules, all employees who are first aiders must now undergo annual refresher training with an accredited trainer. How can you put their mind at rest? More...


Taking extra care with health and safety

You’ve heard that the outcome of a recent case makes it easier than ever for the Health and Safety Executive to pursue directors personally if their companies fall foul of workplace legislation. Is this correct? More...


The dangers of a second job

You strongly suspect that an employee drives a minicab at night to earn extra cash. He looks tired and you’re worried about your potential liability for an accident caused by fatigue. What should you do? More...


Directors and their safety responsibilities

Is it true that there’s no legislation that says you have to undertake proactive health and safety management within the company? And if not, how you can protect your personal position as a director? What does the latest case say? More...


Don’t trip up!

A director has heard that if a visitor slips and sustains an injury whilst on company premises they have the right to bring a claim under health and safety legislation. If so, what protective measures should they put in place? More...


A very real risk

Last month a company director was sent to prison following a fatal accident at his workplace. What can you learn from this tragic case? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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