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Bag the best website addresses

ICANN has begun rolling out over 1,000 new domain name extensions. Even if your company already has a good website address, why should you consider registering some others? More...


How to spot your competitors’ changes


Are the directors prepared for a cyber attack?

Any company with an online presence is vulnerable to a “cyber attack”. Not only could this disrupt your business, it may lead to a claim for damages. So what can the directors do to protect the company’s position? More...


Does your website meet the legal requirements?

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has found that nearly 40% of major online retailers are in breach of consumer protection laws. How can the directors be sure that the company’s own website is legally compliant? More...


Daily web deal(er)s: watch out for the small print!

Online “daily deal” websites, which offer goods and services at a significant discount, have been a big hit with consumers. But why should companies that are thinking of advertising on them read the small print very carefully? More...


Registering your .xxx domain name

On September 7 2011, the .xxx web domain suffix was released. Although it’s intended for use by adult-website owners, anyone can buy it. So why should the directors consider getting one with the company’s name on? More...


New rules on website advertising

From March 1 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority becomes responsible for monitoring all types of website advertising. Any company that markets itself in this way will now be affected. So what should the directors do? More...


OFT uncovers online failings

A recent report shows that 59% of companies selling via the Internet may be breaking the law. Could this include you? More...


Domain name dispute

A couple of years ago you hired a firm to design your website and take care of all the domain name formalities. You’ve just discovered that you don’t actually own the domain. What could have happened and what can you do about it? More...


Internet formalities

How often have you heard it said that the Internet is the new Wild West - i.e. totally unregulated with complete freedom to do as you please? But is this really the case? What’s the law on electronic business? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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