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Do you need to correct your tax code?

The deadline for submitting your 2010/11 annual benefits and expenses return forms was July 6, which means the Taxman will soon be amending thousands of tax codes. Most of these will be wrong but should you bother putting him right? More...


Legitimately deferring tax on your earnings

There’s no escaping tax on the benefits-in-kind (BiK) you receive from your company, but a loophole in the rules means that you can delay payment for a long time. How can you take advantage of this? More...


Taxman starts benefit review


New codes - another tax grab by the government?

In the next couple of months most directors will be receiving tax code notices for 2011/12. There’s a suggestion that these will incorporate adjustments that will result in you paying tax sooner. Is the Taxman within his rights to do this? More...


Are you liable for your employee’s tax bill?

If a mistake leads to insufficient tax being taken from an employee’s wages, the Taxman can choose to collect the shortfall from them. But, as a recent tax tribunal case showed, he can come after your company instead. What’s the story? More...


Penalties for non-existent companies


Big PAYE changes are on the way

Recent headlines suggest that the Taxman is to take over the role of collecting PAYE from your employees. Is this true and what would it mean for your company? More...


80% of tax codes are wrong - fact or myth?

If you’re a company director, you will probably have received a notice of coding from the Taxman recently. And if the press reports are to be believed, there’s only a one-in-five chance that it will be correct. Should you be worried? More...


P11Ds and your 2009/10 tax code

Many of our subscribers are currently receiving notices of amended tax coding for no obvious reason. Why is this, and what should you do if you receive an unexpected change in your code? More...


Be prepared for battle on IR35

You’ve completed your P35. But now you’ve heard that how you answered the question about your company’s status might come back to bite you. How should you respond to a challenge from the Taxman? More...
Last updated: 13.08.2020

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