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Sheltering an investment from higher rate tax

One of your customers wants to expand their business; to raise finance for this they’ve offered you and your fellow directors a stake in their company. Is it more tax efficient for you to invest personally or through your company? More...


IR35 - company officers caught under new rule

A colleague has told you that a new, wider-reaching IR35 rule might mean PAYE tax and NI is payable on income received by your company. When does this new rule apply? More...


Breaking up is hard to do - for directors

In case of a break up where both you and your spouse own shares in your company, you’ll need to act fast to avoid a potentially huge tax bill. What’s the problem and how can you dodge it? More...


New IR35 guidance

The Taxman has issued new tougher guidance for directors who provide services through their company. Are you now more at risk of being caught by IR35? More...


Legitimately deferring tax on your earnings

There’s no escaping tax on the benefits-in-kind (BiK) you receive from your company, but a loophole in the rules means that you can delay payment for a long time. How can you take advantage of this? More...


Big PAYE changes are on the way

Recent headlines suggest that the Taxman is to take over the role of collecting PAYE from your employees. Is this true and what would it mean for your company? More...


When is a director’s salary taxable?

A subscriber devised a scheme to delay paying tax and NI on his salary, but as you would expect, it came under attack from the Taxman. Unfortunately, our subscriber lost the battle, but is there a way he can still come out on top? More...


No relief for your losses

Where you invest in your own company and the worst happens, making your shares worthless, you would expect your claim for loss relief to be given without question. But as a recent case shows, the Taxman has other ideas. What’s the story? More...


Is deferred salary taxable?

The recession has motivated one director to defer taking his salary to help his company’s cash flow. But that may not stop the Taxman demanding PAYE on the non-existent income; why? More...


Be prepared for battle on IR35

You’ve completed your P35. But now you’ve heard that how you answered the question about your company’s status might come back to bite you. How should you respond to a challenge from the Taxman? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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