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Unfairly dismissed for making private journeys

The employment tribunal has ruled that two employees who were sacked for using their company-owned vehicles to make private journeys were unfairly dismissed. What do you need to know? More...


Morning gorgeous - now watch what you say!

Let’s suppose that one of your employees routinely greets members of the opposite sex with a friendly “Hello sweetheart” or “Morning gorgeous”. Is this something you should ask them to stop doing? More...


Insider fraud rising in smaller companies

A recent report suggests that employee fraud in large companies is falling, whilst smaller companies are suffering greater losses. What should you be looking out for and what safeguards can you introduce? More...


Suspected theft: can you install hidden cameras?

The directors are confident that an employee is helping themselves to company stock. Trouble is, it’s proving difficult to pin-point exactly who it is. Can hidden CCTV cameras be installed to catch the perpetrator in the act? More...


Sickness absence - it’s all fun and games


Does your company have the right to search staff?

In the last twelve months, employee fraud has been on the increase. As a result, many companies have introduced right to search policies. But in order to reap the benefits, they must be approached correctly. What do you need to know? More...


Agency workers: prepare for changes

Although the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 will soon be upon us, 93% of companies still need to prepare for them. What should the directors do? More...


Senior staff: managing poor performance

It’s not just junior employees who are prone to poor performance; senior staff can take their eye off the ball too. This can have dire consequences for your company. So if faced with this type of problem, how should the directors react? More...


The director who wanted to “eat you like a marshmallow”

Companies often organise work-related events. However, a recent case serves as a reminder that it’s fully responsible for the directors’ and employees’ behaviour during procedings - good and bad! So how do you minimise the risks? More...


40 years on…

This summer, the World Cup is sure to provide plenty of distractions for your staff. How can you avoid absenteeism problems at the Taxman’s expense? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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