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Train travel: delays and compensation rights

Train travel is the preferred option for many business owners, despite the fact there are often delays and cancellations. However, since October 2016 you have greater rights to compensation. What’s changed? More...


Are your online T&Cs legally compliant?

In March 2016, 17 companies were publicly named and shamed because their online terms and conditions failed to comply with the relevant legislation. How can you be sure that your own are correct? More...


Refunds on new and used goods


The Consumer Rights Act 2015

On 1 October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act 2015 will replace existing legislation relating to the sale of goods and the supply of services. It will also give consumers more rights. How can you prepare for this major change? More...


Contracts: termination due to “non-payment”

Your company has an ongoing contract with another business yet, despite promises to the contrary, it hasn’t paid up. The directors now want to walk away from the deal, but just how should they go about terminating it? More...


Sold their souls in the terms and conditions

New research has discovered that 100% of customers never read terms and conditions (T&Cs) after 7,500 all agreed to “forfeit their souls” in one day! So does this mean that the directors are obliged to make the company’s terms much clearer? More...


Backing out of an unsuccessful franchise

Your company signed up to a franchise which proved to be nowhere near as profitable as you’d been led to believe. The franchisor says if you walk away, they’ll sue you for breach of contract. Where do you stand? More...


Do you have to pay liquidated damages?

Your company recently entered into a contract, but due to cash flow problems it now wants out. The other party has said there’s no “cooling off period” but will end the contract on payment of “liquidated damages”. What does this mean? More...


Can they cool off?

A business customer has just cancelled an order which you’d already started working on. They reckon that they have a statutory right to “cool off”. Is this correct and if not, can you claim for anything? More...


When it’s safe to say good-bye

Your company is often confronted by other businesses that don’t pay on time or do what they’ve agreed to. As a director it’s your responsibility to ensure your company doesn’t lose out. When can you walk away from the contract? More...
Last updated: 18.10.2019

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