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Topping the Google charts

Google has updated its page ranking system and now aims to penalise poor quality sites by demoting them. Your site rarely appears on the first page of results, let alone in the top five listings. What can you do to improve your showing? More...


Don’t want to reveal your phone number?


What can StartUp Britain do for your company?

A new resource for business owners has been launched. Backed by the government and supported by big business, it aims to offer you more than just advice, there’s also a hint of a cost-saving opportunity. What’s the full story? More...


Why have company website terms and conditions?

83% of smaller companies have a website - it’s a vital business tool. But visitors should always be given clear terms and conditions (T&Cs) on usage. Why is this step important and what must the directors make sure they include? More...


Register your own domain name


Misleading information on the company’s website

Your company’s website is packed full of information. Could a visitor rely on its contents and then hold you accountable later if there’s a problem? This has just been considered by the Court of Appeal, so what did it say? More...


That’s a great website picture

A stock photo agency has the perfect picture for your company’s website. But to use it you’ll need to buy an expensive licence. You’ve discovered that the same image can be download from the Internet for free. Is this a wise or risky move? More...


OFT uncovers online failings

A recent report shows that 59% of companies selling via the Internet may be breaking the law. Could this include you? More...


Corporate blogging - the pitfalls

A fellow company director has just told you he’s set up a blog to promote his company. It’s something you’ve been thinking of doing but what are the risks and pitfalls of this type of publicity? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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