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Speedy bank switching?

Five years ago, a new service was launched to help small and medium-sized businesses switch bank accounts. But how many are using it and is change always a good thing? More...


It’s now easier to switch your current accounts

On 16 September 2013, the Payment Council’s new current account switch service comes into force. Why is this good news for both directors personally and the companies that they run? More...


The danger of an investigating accountant

If your bank thinks the money it has tied up in your company is at risk, it can appoint an investigating accountant to check up on you. This can cost you a fortune in charges and even lead to administration. How should you handle this situation? More...


Time for directors to cash in on bonds?

Your financial advisor recommended a bond as a tax-efficient investment for a rainy day. That was ten years ago and next April it will mature, just in time to get clobbered by Darling’s higher taxes. What are your options? More...


One rate for them and another for us

You’ve just taken out a new bank loan at what you thought was a favourable interest rate. Only it seems that another company has borrowed the same amount from the same bank at a better rate. Why the favouritism? More...


Why it could pay to bank elsewhere

Many directors use the same bank for their business account as they do for their personal banking. Whilst this may be convenient, it may not necessarily be the best choice for your business. So how should you select the right bank? More...


You will be upgraded!

You’ve heard that (particularly premium) bank customers are being “upgraded” to packaged current accounts. As a successful director, if your bank approaches you with an upgrade, should you blindly accept it? More...
Last updated: 09.07.2020

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