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New steps needed before court action

If you want to sue a customer for unpaid bills you’ll have to follow new guidelines before going to court, but not in every case. In what situations do the new rules apply and what extra steps must you take? More...


Recovering debts from a defunct company

You’ve just discovered that a company that owed yours money has been dissolved and the directors have done a runner. Is there any chance of getting paid and, if so, what steps are involved? More...


How to start a court claim

An invoice worth several thousand pounds is still outstanding. The directors all agree it’s now time to get tough on the debtor, but it’s the first time they’ve ever had to resort to the courts. How do they start the claim? More...


Beyond the credit rating

Even with a good credit rating you can never be sure that a good customer won’t turn into a bad payer, or even go bust owing you money. Running a credit check will cost you and might not tell the whole story. What’s the alternative? More...


Accept the offer to mediate: yes or no?

The directors are pursuing an unpaid debt in the Small Claims Court. But it has now asked the parties whether or not they want to attempt a settlement via mediation before it sets a hearing date. Is this option worth pursuing? More...


A cheaper debt recovery option

Suppose your company is owed several thousand pounds, and you want to sue the debtor. A solicitor could do this for you but it comes at a cost. So why not tweak the figures and avoid their fees? More...


Can’t claim interest - it’s wrong!

A customer has refused to pay your company’s invoice because of a minor error in the paperwork. It doesn’t change the fact that they owe you money. You now want to add on interest, but they’re claiming this will be illegal. Are they right? More...


Court rules - service of documents

You’re representing yourself in a dispute and have issued a claim against the other party. You know that the claim form needs to be served correctly but you’re confused by all the court rules. How do you get it right? More...


Going back in time to get your money

With customers and clients feeling the pinch, you’re wondering how long you can leave things before the company loses the right to recover old debts? Is there a time limit and what are the dos and don’ts? More...


Where to sue?

Last updated: 09.07.2020

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