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Record numbers for self-assessment

A record number of people filed their self-assessment returns by the 31 January deadline. But a record number missed it too! If you’re one of the latter, HMRC has advice for you. What’s the full story?


Dropbox Paper - what can it do for your business?

Online collaboration with colleagues and clients is increasingly popular. Dropbox has its own version which offers a shared workplace for teams and a lot more. Is it something worth signing up for?


Staff uniforms - how to avoid tax costs

During a compliance check an HMRC inspector warned our subscriber that because of a change to the rules he might face a tax and NI bill for providing their staff with workplace clothing. What’s the inspector referring to?


Fender fined for anti-competitive behaviour

Fender restricted the resale price of its guitars, so online prices for their products remained broadly homogeneous for several years. What exactly did the famous guitar maker do wrong, and what can you learn from this case?


How to respond to an HMRC request for a visit

A letter from HMRC to say it will be looking into your affairs is never good news. How do you deal with the process without causing stress, so you can get back to running your business quickly with the minimum fuss?


What does an employee cost?

Business has been going well and you need to bring in a new member of staff. You have a budget in mind but how far will it go if you add up the total costs of an employee?


Import and exports post-Brexit

From 1 January 2021 UK businesses that move goods into and out of the EU must make customs declarations. You can start preparing for this now, as it doesn’t depend on the outcome of the trade negotiations. What do you need to know?
Last updated: 21.02.2020

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