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When the boss asks for a hug

In December 2018 the founder and boss of Ted Baker was accused of harassing its former and existing employees. Where such allegations are made against a director, how should they be handled?

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New travel expense rules for employers

HMRC recently confirmed changes to the rules for travel and subsistence payments made by employers. What are they and when will they apply? More...


Changes to the law on payslips

From 6 April 2019 your business will have to give every worker on its payroll - not just employees - an itemised pay statement. In addition, some new information must be provided. What’s happening? More...


Access to toilets for mobile workers

Mobile workers such as delivery drivers will often need to find toilet facilities. Are you legally required to give those who attend your business premises access to your loos? More...


Your hidden personal printing costs


Is annual appliance testing a legal requirement?

A colleague says that all office electrical equipment must be portable appliance tested (PAT) by a qualified electrician every year. Is this true and what’s the legal situation if employees bring their own electrical devices to work? More...
Last updated: 20.02.2019

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