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Sacked for bringing children in and surfing the internet

An office manager who was sacked after she brought her grandchildren into work and then sat surfing the internet has lost her claim for unfair dismissal. If an employee does either of these things, do you have the right to dismiss them?

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A tax-free perk for being the boss

A friend has told you that he and his wife are taking a tax-free luxury weekend away on the company. Apparently, because the business has been running a long time HMRC allows this. Is this something you can take advantage of? More...


Small business given first GDPR fine

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued the first GDPR penalty to a small business, totalling £275,000. As well as leaving personal data outside, another error was made. What was it? More...


What does an employee cost?

Business has been going well and you need to bring in a new member of staff. You have a budget in mind but how far will it go if you add up the total costs of an employee? More...


Staff uniforms - how to avoid tax costs

During a compliance check an HMRC inspector warned our subscriber that because of a change to the rules he might face a tax and NI bill for providing their staff with workplace clothing. What’s the inspector referring to? More...


New employment allowance rules revealed

Last updated: 31.03.2020

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