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Refusing a home visit on safety grounds

Due to the nature of their work some employees will visit people in their homes. If a particular home is dirty or even a health hazard, does the employee have the legal right to refuse to work there?

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When are company loans to directors not taxable?

A year ago your company made a loan to a senior employee. They are about to be made a director. There can be stiff tax charges for directors’ loans, but as the employee wasn’t a director when the loan was made, will they apply? More...


Are your staff training costs tax exempt?

The cost of training employees is usually tax exempt, but if they gain a personal advantage it can trigger a tax bill which you might have to pay. What steps can you take to ensure the cost of training is tax and NI free? More...


Avoid a PAYE and NI trap on personal bills

Getting your company to pay your personal bills can defer and even reduce the tax and NI payable on income you take from it. But it’s easy to get it wrong and land yourself with a tax bill. What steps do you need to take avoid this trap? More...


Director banned for taking a bonus

A former director has been banned from running a company for five years after awarding himself a bonus (even though it wasn’t paid to him) shortly before his company stopped trading. What’s the full story? More...


Can you force the postponement of jury service?

A key member of staff has been called up for jury service and the timing for the business is terrible. You want them to postpone it but they are refusing. Can you force them to apply for a deferral? More...
Last updated: 15.12.2017

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