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Do you have a conflict of interest?

Directors can be allowed to act even if they have a conflict of interest, but the correct procedures must be followed. It’s important to get this right, as transactions can be overturned and directors held personally liable. So what do you need to know about conflicts of interest?

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A tax-free perk for being the boss

A friend has told you that he and his wife are taking a tax-free luxury weekend away on the company. Apparently, because the business has been running a long time HMRC allows this. Is this something you can take advantage of? More...


How to keep staff fresh in 2020

Christmas is behind us and you’re now worried about keeping staff motivated in the new year. What’s the best way to improve morale in January and ensure productivity doesn’t fall after the festive binge? More...


Small business given first GDPR fine

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued the first GDPR penalty to a small business, totalling £275,000. As well as leaving personal data outside, another error was made. What was it? More...


How tax efficient are electric company cars?

Electrically powered cars are now not only environmentally friendly but practical too. Plus, there’s now a decent range to choose from with more on the way. But how do they stack up for tax purposes against their fossil fuel equivalents? More...


It’s 2020 - don’t shorten it to 20!

Last updated: 21.02.2020

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