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H&S meetings really necessary?

Someone has told you that your business needs to have a formal committee to discuss health and safety issues on a regular basis. Is this true, and if not is it wise to have one anyway? More...


What is the law on paid holiday entitlement?

Apparently, one in every 20 workers claims that they don’t receive any paid holiday entitlement. What must your business give its employees by law and are you obliged to give consultants any paid holiday? More...


A DIY scheme to save tax and NI on company cars

Whether a company car is essential for your job or simply a perk, stiff tax and NI charges can apply. The good news is that there’s a simple, legitimate but under-used scheme that can reduce the tax and NI payable. More...


Safe storage in office spaces

You’ve decided to undertake a review of how items are stored in office areas to check that you are properly complying with health and safety requirements. What will help ensure a safe working environment? More...


H&S poster law

You know that if any of your staff (or visitors) have an accident at work, it’ll be your neck on the line. What notices and posters do you need to put up to prevent injuries and how much do they cost? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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