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Allergies - know your responsibilities

High street chains like Pret a Manger are facing criticism for their approach to allergen labelling. But what are your responsibilities when it comes to protecting staff when food is offered on site, either in a canteen or in meetings, etc.?

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Staff working too much?

You’ve noticed staff staying late and working through lunch. From a business perspective this sounds perfect, but should you really sit back and enjoy running a committed team or delve into the reasons why? More...


Last minute festive closures

As Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve fall on a Monday it’s been suggested you close on those days. If any staff don’t have enough holiday left to cover these dates, can you force them to take unpaid leave? More...


Q&A - can I pay an expenses allowance tax free


The trouble with pool cars

HMRC is known for challenging businesses that provide pool cars for employees. If it succeeds it’s not just your employees that face extra tax, your business will have to pay NI contributions too. What can you do to protect against this? More...


Company shares - get your money back tax free

When you started your company you used your own cash to fund it. Several years later the company has built up its own funds. Can you now take back some of your original stake without paying tax on it? More...
Last updated: 14.12.2018

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