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Trying it on with price rises

A further fall in the pound could force more businesses to raise their prices. But how can you be sure that some of your suppliers are facing legitimate increases and not just using “Brexit chaos” as an excuse to make a quick buck?

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Getting the most from safety inspections

A colleague says that your business should be carrying out routine periodic health and safety inspections of its premises. What are these and should you really be doing them? More...


Should you write off or release a director’s loan?

One of your company’s director shareholders wants out and as part of the deal he wants the balance of his overdrawn director’s loan account written off. What steps are needed to make the arrangement tax efficient for your company? More...


Workers’ rights changing

On 6 April 2020 two important changes will be made to workers’ rights which will apply to all businesses. What do you need to know? More...


Act now if you want to trade with EU

Less than half the businesses known to trade with the EU have taken the necessary steps to allow them to continue after Brexit. Is your business ready? More...


Why your T&Cs need TLC

When was the last time you checked your terms and conditions? As there are strict rules governing their fairness, it’s worthwhile carrying out a review to make sure they’re up to scratch. What do you need to look out for? More...
Last updated: 12.11.2019

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