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Can buying Twitter followers boost your business?

An external social media consultant has said that you need to buy several thousand Twitter followers to get ahead of the competition. Is this a good idea and what else do you need to consider?

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Dirty mugs causing sickness absence


Don’t make this redundancy exercise error

A managing director has landed his company in hot water after he informed a new employee that she was being made redundant “with immediate effect”. Why was this wrong? More...


Managing accountancy fees

You’ve recently changed accountants and have just received your first bill from them. The figure has shocked you a bit - it’s far higher than you were quoted. What can you do, and are there ways to cut the next bill? More...


Improving mental health for small business owners

Mental health awareness campaigns are everywhere, driving improvements in how employers approach depression, anxiety and stress. You want to ensure that your employees are healthy, but are you overlooking your own wellbeing in the process? More...


Is a four-day week a joke?

A number of companies, including SMEs, have shifted their staff working patterns from five to four-day weeks. Productivity is up and there’s a better work-life balance for employees in some cases. But could it really work for you? More...
Last updated: 23.08.2019

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