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Should you try teaser pricing?

Customers are tightening their belts in these tricky economic times so you’re looking at ways to increase sales. Should you consider a new pricing strategy and how can you assess the pros and cons?

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Return to work savings

During the coronavirus lockdown, many businesses will have closed their offices with staff working from home. However, most will return to the office or site at some point. What are the five overheads where you can cut costs as you get back to business? More...


Payments in lieu of minimum holiday?

Under new rules, employees can carry certain holiday forward for up to two years if they’ve not been able to take it due to coronavirus. To prevent this, could you pay them in lieu for that holiday instead? More...


How to optimise employee collaboration

With homeworking becoming the “new norm” for many businesses, having the ability to collaborate with others on projects has become a key requirement. Is Samepage a solution worth considering in your business? More...


Q&A - flexible furlough only?


Safe return to work

When the doors to your workplace re-open there will need to be new protocols in place. How do you instil this new health and safety culture to keep staff safe and customers reassured? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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