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Is this the end of tax relief for pensions?

There have been rumours that in order to fund the extra £20 billion promised for the NHS, the government will cut tax relief for pension contributions. How likely is this and how might it affect you?

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£83,000 for director who “tried to steal company”

A finance director who was sacked after being accused of trying to steal a company has won his claim for unfair dismissal. The tribunal has now awarded him compensation of over £83,000. Why did the employer lose the case? More...


Unfairly dismissed for making private journeys

The employment tribunal has ruled that two employees who were sacked for using their company-owned vehicles to make private journeys were unfairly dismissed. What do you need to know? More...


New rules for employee travel allowances


Contracts: are electronic signatures valid?


Are you billing enough?

Only one in five businesses may be accurately tracking the time they spend on work for clients. Do you know what jobs cost and, if not, how can you keep better records leading to more accurate billing? More...
Last updated: 21.09.2018

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