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After the Rangers decision, what now?

The Supreme Court has brought an end to five years of legal wrangling, and found for HMRC in the now infamous case involving Glasgow Rangers FC. Might the decision affect your clients, and if so, how can you help them?

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Expense or disbursement?

Many clients do not understand the difference between a recharge of expenses and a disbursement when they raise sales invoices to customers. Why is it important to rectify this, and how can your clients avoid inadvertently making mistakes? More...


Things to consider when retiring outside the UK

One of your wealthy clients is a few years from retirement and has indicated that he wants to move abroad. He has come to you for advice ahead of doing so - what sort of things should you bring up? More...


Tax relief for payments made as a guarantor

You are probably familiar with claiming relief for losses on share investments, but some clients may have acted as a guarantor for finance instead, as an alternative way of supporting a business. Is there any relief for payments made under the agreement? More...


Save tax using a property management company

If you don’t want to incorporate a client’s buy-to-let property portfolio, there is still a way that a company might help to reduce their tax bill. What is a property management company and how can you ensure your clients use them effectively? More...


Advising on a share sale in practice

A number of recent tribunal cases have highlighted just how difficult securing entrepreneurs’ relief can be. When advising your clients, what pitfalls do you need to be aware of in order to ensure relief is not lost? More...
Last updated: 22.09.2017

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