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Rewarding an employee for long service

One of your clients wants to reward an employee who has been with the firm for 30 years. They want to give something that has some monetary value, but is aware that just paying cash will be taxable. What could you suggest?

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Expense or disbursement?

Many clients do not understand the difference between a recharge of expenses and a disbursement when they raise sales invoices to customers. Why is it important to rectify this, and how can your clients avoid inadvertently making mistakes? More...


When is a tax return really required?

The UK tax system is so convoluted that people with relatively straightforward affairs can find themselves needing to file tax returns - facing penalties if they do not do so. How might a 2016 tribunal case help your clients avoid such fines? More...


What is a reasonable excuse for paying VAT late?

If your clients incur a VAT default surcharge penalty, HMRC will withdraw it if they had a “reasonable excuse” for the late payment. But what exactly counts as a reasonable excuse? More...


Things to consider when retiring outside the UK

One of your wealthy clients is a few years from retirement and has indicated that he wants to move abroad. He has come to you for advice ahead of doing so - what sort of things should you bring up? More...


Introduction to downsizing relief

Your clients, a married couple, are moving to a smaller property and are concerned about losing the additional tax shelter provided by the residential nil rate band. What can you advise them about downsizing relief? More...
Last updated: 17.10.2017

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