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Can probation be extended automatically?

Although a candidate can look good on paper and interview well, they may not be the perfect match. You can test the waters with a probation period. If the required standards aren’t met, can it be extended automatically?

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What’s the biggest waste of your time?


Work-related incapacity and right to pay

There will be occasions where an employee is incapacitated due to a work-related illness or injury. In this situation are they legally entitled to receive full pay for the duration of their sickness absence? More...


Tribunal fees: are they gone forever?

In July 2017 the Supreme Court declared the tribunal fee regime unlawful and it was abolished with immediate effect. It’s an unwelcome development for employers but could tribunal fees be reintroduced? More...


Top complaint is bad body odour

Bad body odour is the most disliked personal hygiene problem - 70% of employees say it’s their top bugbear. If you receive a complaint about someone’s BO, what’s the best way to tackle it? More...


£360,000 for saying “women are more emotional”

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that a woman is entitled to £360,000 compensation after a male manager said that “women take things more emotionally than men”. Will such comments always attract hefty awards? More...
Last updated: 21.09.2017

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