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charitable giving

Charitable giving - the ins and outs

Employees have been able to donate through the payroll since 1987. If you’re considering introducing this option for staff, is there lots of red tape to work through? What’s involved and what are the benefits?

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Key cases on paternity and overtime

The employment tribunal has handed down key decisions on paternity and overtime pay. How might they affect your payroll obligations? More...


Compensation for childcare system glitch


On yer bike (and other alternatives to the car)

With tax changes to workplace parking now in force is it time to rethink your approach to getting employees to work? What are the alternatives that you should be considering from a payroll perspective? More...


Q&A - come back to vouchers?

auto enrolment - update

Pensions go mainstream

It’s all change from October 2017 as auto-enrolment hits its five-year milestone and we head towards the first increase in contributions. What’s involved and what might be the additional cost? More...
Last updated: 17.10.2017

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