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Save with nepotism?

In the past we’ve shown how a family member lending a hand can cut your tax bill. But how about giving them a salaried job when they’re out of work? What are the rules and what can you save?

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Making the most of office space

The lease on your office space has a break clause coming up in 18 months. If you don’t exercise the break the company is committed to the lease for five more years. What can be done to make the best use of the existing office space? More...


Company too small for a business continuity plan?

The last time you met your commercial insurance broker, he asked whether your company had a business continuity plan. He said that no company was too small to have one. If that’s right, what should be included? More...


Post-acquisition integration

Your company is on the verge of acquiring a new subsidiary company. You’ve been asked to head up a team responsible for dealing with the financial integration of the business post-merger. Where do you start? More...


Careful stocktaking can cut costs

Your financial year end is a couple of weeks away which means you’ll soon need to start the annual stocktake. It’s a headache but is there a way to save money whilst you do it? More...


Using a helper column to speed up calculations

You’ve been sent a spreadsheet which contains all the sales for the year in a single table. You still want to see all the data but split it into a separate tables for each salesperson. How can you use a helper column to achieve this? More...
Last updated: 20.10.2017

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