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Avoiding a fine for late accounts

You started a company which barely got off the ground and soon closed down. Companies House (CH) says that accounts are still required and because they are overdue a financial penalty applies. Is there a way out of this sticky situation?

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Sole director shareholders at risk!

A 2017 ruling by the High Court has highlighted a potential risk for those who are sole director shareholders. As there are thousands of companies operated in this way, could you be affected? More...


Is parking at work a taxable perk?

You pay for parking spaces for your company’s directors as there’s nowhere on site. During a PAYE check HMRC claims that because the spaces are also used for non-work purposes there’s a taxable perk. Is this correct? More...


Entertaining costs - getting the VAT back

HMRC doesn’t allow VAT to be reclaimed on the cost of entertaining customers, suppliers etc. However, the rule isn’t as black and white as it seems at first sight. In what situations are you allowed to reclaim VAT? More...


Prosecuted for illegally sharing personal data

Following the successful prosecution of an employee, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is asking all businesses to remind staff about the consequences of illegally sharing personal data. What should you do? More...


New employees and GCSE grades

The GCSE results announced in August 2017 include new style grades. If you’re taking on new workers what do you need to know? More...
Last updated: 21.09.2017

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